I am an agency veteran, equally at home in devtools and servers as Adobe Creative Cloud and clipping paths. I can debug legacy IE issues, get things running on iOS, clip paths, create SVGs, color correct phots, pre-flight print jobs, deal with stake holders and clients, herd cats.

I have experience with a variety of front end / back end tech beyond what is listed. As I write this, I'm also installing Angular on my localhost and reading the docs. I have minor experience with arduino/sketch, mobile app dev, python and ruby.

I am extremely flexible, and not tied to any one technology or stack. I am willing and able to try out new tech as it appears. At the same time, I'm able to evaluate it for use in client sites, to make sure the correct tool and solution is used for the correct problem..

The following is a non-exhaustive list of my skills and experience. Star ratings are pretty much meaningless, but they have been added anyway.


I am well versed in the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Front End


I have extensive experience integrating and deploying for a variety of CMS systems. I can install and configure themes, or build them from the bottom up. I have extensive experience fixing broken and non-optimized themes and abandoned/legacy sites.

Back End

I'm primarily a Front End developer, but I have experience working with the following Back End technology. Working with a dedicated back end developer, I can quickly develop high performance websites.

Random Other Skills & Interests